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Alpine Mediterranean feeling

Merano: culture, shopping and lifestyle

For centuries Merano has been a famous, elegant South Tyrolean health resort with a historic town centre, 324 metres above sea-level. Its unusual geographical location – the town is sheltered to the north and east by high mountains – is the reason for its mild Mediterranean climate which enables a wide variety of colourful, Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants to thrive in the extensive parks and promenades of the town and in its well-known Botanical gardens.

The well-preserved medieval town centre still offers a wide range of historical and cultural sights together with a picturesque setting for shopping and pleasure.

PS: Merano can be easily reached from the hotels and apartments of our resort in Lagundo, with the public means as well. And with the Südtirol GuestPass Algund the public transport is free of charge for all our guests!